We just got the most up-to-date laser hair removal system in our office (The Laser Vectus System) and I stepped up to the plate as one of the earliest patients with this very new technology. My target was my back hair, my neck hair and most significantly my ear hair. I am sure you can see from the subject of this post that my vanity does dictate my actions. As for pain, it was barely detectable for me. Even if it hurt, I knew that the benefit for my ear hair was worth whatever pain it would cause, and once it was done, it was a non-event for me.

From reading our previous posts on hair cycling addressing Anagen and Telogen hair cycles, back hair is like any body hair, which means than only about half of the hair is growing at any one time. The laser only kills hair in the Anagen phase of hair growth. With this knowledge, I expect that the next time I do it (about 8 weeks), there will be new hair on my back that came out of the Telogen phase and went into the Anagen phase. As the laser can only kill hairs in Anagen, at my second session, half of the hairs that remain will not show (as they are beneath the skin surface in some ‘stem cell’ form), so I will have to do it a third time about 8 weeks later to get those hairs that were not in Anagen. The more times I do it, the less Anagen hairs will appear until they will essentially be all gone. My neck hair will probably have a growth cycle similar to my back hair; however, possibly with longer Anagen hair cycles so I am hopeful that the ear hair will have an even higher Anagen to Telogen ratio that would therefore take less sessions.

Now I am so excited about it, I might just tackle some of my chest and arm hair next, but my wife likes my chest hair so the problem is more of a ‘couple problem’ then a medical one. I knew women who did their bikini pubic area and underarm hair. We men may not be as bold and fearless as some women. If you are like me and your are in Southern California, you might now want to take advantage of our Laser Hair Removal Technology and make an appointment with us for an evaluation (see: http://www.newskin.com/z_vt_hair_removal.htm). This technology is not for everyone, especially for men with very dark skin (African Americans) or white hair (not easily killed in Anagen as the laser kills the darker hair only). We will offer anyone coming from this site a 15% discount off of our regular prices for hair removal to qualified candidates.


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