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It is rounded and there are no temple peaks because they are incorporated into the rounded hairline. This is the same hairline that she had when she was a child of 5 year of age.

perfect female concave hairline


I just had a quick question.

  • I took 1mg of finasteride for 2 weeks and noticed I was starting to develop gyno. I immediate stopped taking finasteride and gyno has since went down. This was my only symptom.

My question is in theory…would taking only 0.25mg everyday give me a better chance of not developing gyno?

I understand there’s about 60% DHT inhibition at 0.25mg.

Like at 0.25mg, would I have less extra testosterone that would get converted to estrogen, and give me a better chance at not developing gyno?

If this is a stupid way of thinking just to continue taking finasteride, please let me know. I’d appreciate your honesty!

Since it stopped quickly, you can try the lower dose and then see. I always suggest that you clear everything with your doctor.


NO!  If you pick off these crusts, the grafts will come out. I wrote a paper on this and because this is a problem, I always advise the patient to wash vigorously immediately after the surgery so that all of the crusts never form. I have developed a special washing technique for this (see here (

crusting at 7 days

This is remarkable history worth reading for the history buffs


You need to develop a Master Plan with a good doctor to find out what your lifetime hair supply is and how much has been used so far. You must know this for future planning.  Get your residual donor density measured by your surgeon to establish what the future possibilities are.


You have what is called traction alopecia and the only treatment for this is hair transplantation. A good doctor in this field needs to find out if you have enough donor hair to do a hair transplant to cover the bald areas. Most people have enough donor hair.

traction alopecia


This yellow area looks like necrosis of the skin in the recipient area which means that this area will eventually scar and will not grow hair. I recommend you speak to your surgeon.

necrosis 22


I have been taking Propecia for two months for aggressive male pattern baldness at age 23 (Norwood 3 approaching). It has restricted my hair loss. I want to continue the medication. I have normal morning erections, but my libido has decreased. I want to be on the medication for at least one year. This is a personal choice.

If you are willing to manage the decreased libido to maintain your hair, then by all means continue the drug.


My hairline has receded at what I’d call an accelerated rate since I began finasteride. Would that be a bad sign or considered natural?

It should stop shortly, but that is assuming that the shed is the result of the medication and not your balding process itself.


The hairline advancement surgery is limited by the tightness of your scalp and usually an inch is the limit for most people; however, a hairline lowering hair transplant does not have that limitation (see here: Also, note that the corners in many of these women were receded, and when this happens, a hairline advancement surgery can’t address this like a hair transplant lowering surgery.


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