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You can have these beard grafts removed with FUE by using a large enough punch to remove the elevated skin along with the grafts. You might want the surgeon to put back the hair at the same time without the excess skin, so it will minimize the scar discoloration that would occur.

bad beard Tx


Minoxidil is an antihypertensive medication, therefore it can lower your blood pressure. This could cause an increase in your heart rate. If this is a problem, you may not be a candidate for this medication. You should ask your doctor.


I would bet that your normal density is not 200 follicular units per square cm. These numbers are unrealistic because it would deplete your donor area so much that as you continue to bald, which you will, you will have no hair to use in the donor area. These numbers, although they can be done as shown here, are unrealistic from a Master Plan approach to hair transplantation.

I was the first doctor to define dense packing of grafts in 1993-4, and I published it in the Hair Transplant Forum. However, I used it only on single hairs in the leading frontal edge. Today, I no longer use these number in the leading edge and I get terrific hairlines with a more reasonable density.



With regard to sexual side effects, we have been led to think that topical Finasteride is safer than systemic Finasteride (the pill). However, from this post, that is clearly not the case. Stopping the medication should solve the problem. From what I gather reading your post, you are still using topical Finasteride. I would call your doctors and ask them about it.

How to and how long to recover from fin sides. from tressless


Alopecia areata is not always curable. It can come and go with treatment, stopping while being treated and then returning as you seem to disclose.  This is not atypical for this disease, and it is something that you may have to learn to live with. The beard area can be treated very nicely with scalp micropigmentation.


Conditioning your hair is valuable if you are losing it from genetic balding because when you comb it, you want the comb or brush to slide through the hair and not pull on the miniaturized hair. Miniaturized hairs are fragile, and rough brushing or styling of your hair without conditioner is not a good idea. I always recommend that my patient used a wide-toothed brush when combing because it doesn’t pull on the hair at the root.


Hair is important to young men, actually to all men. A hair system is instant hair and it works for some people. The freedom to have someone run their fingers through the hair is a limiting factor that can be managed.  Good for you!

Shower thought: Wearing a hair system for the last 4 months has made me sad from tressless


No, healthy young men often have nocturnal emissions (wet dreams), and they are not related to Finasteride.


Did it do anything for you? Did you get side effects (because it reportedly blocks 30% of DHT, half of what Finasteride is doing)? Is it an alternative treatment? After all, it doesn’t need to be prescribed by an MD, because it is over the counter, so bad side effects would be quite f***** up for something like that. Interestingly, people reported having side effects compared to Finasteride on this sub, which should pretty much unleash a big scandal because, as mentioned, it is an over the counter drug. I can’t figure out if these people actually got side effects or if they are nuts though.

Saw Palmetto is a very weak DHT blocker, and I don’t believe that anyone has had a reversal of hair loss on this drug.


This is a great drug for someone your age. It might slow, stop, or reverse the hair loss. The younger you are, the better it works.


19M Receeding Hairline – is fin worth it at this age? from tressless


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