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The Crisper technology is mainly responsible for many of these breakthroughs.


At 6 days, it is almost certainly an infection. There are some crusts that are partially removed, and they could create a point for the introduction of bacteria. This is why I am obsessed with washing the hair immediately after the surgery. I want my patients to continue doing so every day. My goal is to keep the crusts off. You should return to see your doctor and ask to be examined. If it is an infection or a folliculitis, he/she will know how to treat it.

pimples at 6 days



Three links, two in the Express (a popular UK based newspaper) and a review of many medical articles from Pubmed (third link):


Finasteride takes months to acquire the real benefits. The hair loss may slow or stop quickly, but its real benefits, if they occur, will take at least a year. If you are fortunate to find a doctor who has a HAIRCHECK instrument, he can report back to you what the ACTUAL benefits of the drug are on your hair between measurements (generally a year).

Time frame for regrowth with Fin?? from tressless


Your story is pretty typical from what patients tell me. Many people don’t know that they have a decreased sex drive and some even report an increased sex drive.

Finasteride – 1 month from tressless


The key here is to find an honorable doctor who can build a Master Plan for your short and long term future. It may not mean a hair transplant so you have to find a doctor who can tell you NOT to do a surgery so that you don’t make a mistake if it is the wrong decision for you. The amount of hair that is moved, is another issue of good planning. Hair loss is progressive, so you must not waste the limited donor hair you have.

Question about Hair Transplant from tressless


The angle of the hair growth is determined by the surgeon who creates the recipient sites. The direction of the recipient sites, which is made with a needle, has an angle that will eventually dictate the final hair growth direction. I can’t tell from these photos the direction apart from the curl to your hair. I would have to look closely at the angle that the hair exits the skin to determine if the angle is correct. I have seen many hair surgeons create the hairline like the wheels of a bicycle spoke, circular from a mid-point in the center of the head. When it is done this way and the hair is straight, it is impossible to make it normal looking.


angle of growth


I was having issues in the back of my head. 5 years ago, my frontal hair started thinning. Each year it got worse. I’ve seen 3 dermatologists (in Houston) confirming this diagnosis (CCCA). Can I get a hair transplant for this condition?

The picture strongly suggests traction alopecia; however, with three dermatologists confirming the diagnosis of Central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia (CCCA), hair transplants will not treat this condition. Hair systems are the best option for you.

traction alopecia female2


This article is the science behind the claims, and the article does show potential value despite the humorous cartoon to express the process (see: Neither doctors nor patients are rushing to do this.

fat in head

Injecting stomach fat into the scalp could cure baldness in just six months from tressless


By this time, I would have expected more growth than you are showing now. I recommend that you go speak to your doctor. In the discussion, your doctor should address the number of grafts that are growing, what you and he expected, and see if you can arrive at an agreement on expectations. If there is a failure of some of the grafts to grow, the doctor should make it right, especially if it was only on one side of your head, which indicates that the person placing the grafts on that side may have damaged them during the placement process.

poor growth


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