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Grafts are secure 5 days after all of the crusts are off. If you are tangled, use a good conditioner and a wide-toothed brush


You could be developing some problems with your testicles that might be or might not be related to finasteride. You should see a doctor and not assume that it is the drug. The doctor will examine you looking for testicular torsion or other abnormalities that some men find happening to them who are not on the drug finasteride.

Why are my balls hurting after 3 months? from tressless


These photos are great. They show that you don’t have to get a surgery to get great results if you have the type of balding that responds to these medications

I Got My Hair Back, Got Lazy And Now Back To Square One from tressless


You should get a HAIRCHECK test to find out with considerable accuracy how much hair loss you have that your eye can’t see. (see here: ). Knowing that, you can build a Master Plan with a good doctor on how to maintain your hair loss.

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Personality and brains are the thing that gets women

They say going bald is the end of getting women from tressless

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The following summary seems to address this issue:  The conclusion as written by the drug company (Merck) is as follows:

In summary, a 1-mg dose of finasteride does not appear to adversely affect spermatogenesis. In addition, the level present in the ejaculate of patients taking 1 mg appears to be negligible. Thus, there does not appear to be any need to stop 1 mg of finasteride in those patients trying to conceive or in those whose partners are pregnant.


No, we have not identified all of the genes for balding, but we are getting closer to find the proteins that stimulate the anagen phase of the hairs that are sleeping in your balding area.

If we can identify all the bald genes, could we eradicate MPB? from tressless


If you go on finasteride, you must think of it as a lifetime commitment. If got benefit and then stopped it at age 25, you would lose all of the benefits and also experience ‘catch-up hair loss’ which, if your hair loss pattern was advanced, would not be good for you.


If you had no impact from stopping mixoxidil, it means that the drug has had no effect on your hair because usually minoxidil developed hair growth causes hair loss of those hairs when you stop the drug


Raloxifen is an estrogen compound which can help feminize women when they lose their ovarian function and may help women who are post-menopausal grow or stop hair loss. Taking this medication for a male is an extreme thing to do. Not good!

DOES raloxifen cause hair thinning ? from tressless


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