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Pilofocus is also called piloscopy. I have seen this presentation by Dr. Wessley, and I am very unimpressed. It seems like a cumbersome procedure that is slow, and the surgeon will not be able to perform any significant number of FUE grafts during the surgery. FUE is not very scarring when performed by the right surgeon with the traditional approach I defined in the literature, so I don’t see a place for piloscopy regardless of any FDA clearance which may or may not occur.


It’s good to see a man discuss his experience in managing his hair loss. Nice job!

Hilarious video!!! I am not sure if his methods are actually legit but dude in video is cool in a weird way… from tressless


This is a known side effect of the drug finasteride. You should stop the medication. The lump may or may not go away, but wait a full month. If it still persists, see your doctor.


For people who experienced sexual sides but continued on finasteride anyway… when did your body start adjusting and the sides lifted?

Not asking about people who had permanent sides, or only had relief when they quit finasteride — that’s been discussed many times. Specifically interested in the experiences of those who had sexual sides, continued fin, and had the sides subside. If such a thing exists.

It generally takes about a month for the side effects to go away. There are traces of finasteride in the body for up to 10 days.


I don’t think that you want to give up your sex life for your hair, do you?  There is another option which is the use of oral minoxidil. Find a doctor willing to give this to you and it brings back the hair without the sexual side effects.

21M. Complete Erectile Dysfunction. Amazing transformation, but is it worth it to stop Finasteride due to sexual side effects?? from tressless


I realize that everyone is looking for the magic treatment that is not expensive, but the point of my post was that there are risks that most of the users do not appreciate.  I have no first-hand experience with such risks, but infection risks are theoretical, and they could occur with disastrous consequences in the ‘worst case’ I can think of.


By the 8th month, if one side grew well and the other side did not, the team of technicians who worked on the side that did not grow may not have been as experienced as those that worked on the side where growth was good.  Speak with your doctor, and your doctor should make it ‘right’.



You still have hair there, and maybe you can still stimulate these hair follicles with a combination of minoxidil and finasteride taken for one year. If this works, you don’t have to have a hair transplant, but if it does not work after a year, then a hair transplant of about 2000 grafts (assuming your hair is average thickness) will probably address this area nicely. That is what I personally had done. You can also do Scalp Micropigmentation there, as shown here:!

crown loss in 40yo


The single most common problem with eyebrow transplants is that they grow in the wrong direction or stick up, looking unnatural. Eyebrow transplants using scalp hair requires a special skill in identifying the ‘bend’ that is natural in each transplanted hair. So when the hair is put in by the surgical team, the angle at which the hair is deposited should follow the natural curve of the hair.  It also must be put in laying flat and consistent with your natural eyebrow hairs. Too many surgeons without considerable experience can’t seem to get either of these techniques right, and if they don’t, the eyebrow hairs stick out rather than laying flat as they should.  In your case, the darker hair and a slightly bushier eyebrow might help you frame your face, but of course it is your call as to what you want to look like.


No, I don’t believe that there is any effort being made by the FDA or through the manufacture of this drug to approve dutasteride for use in hair loss. This would be a costly process for the drug company with great risks, considering that there may be more potential side effects than the financial rewards would yield.


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