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We must be able to laugh, even if you are balding.

The Bald Future in Sundance Film Festival Shorts from tressless


i am using minoxidil for around 2 year and i started taking finasteride from 9 months ago and still my hairfall is somewhat the same.  My hairs are shedding when i dry my hair with towel or rub with hands the hair comes out. Does stress increases hairfall. how do I resolve this problem?

Genetic hair loss is not something that always responds to the treatments that doctors have for you today. Sometimes it just resists all forms of treatment and if you should happen to bald as a result of this, hair transplants are a good solution. An alternative, if you don’t want surgery,  is Scalp Micropigmentation ( For this last solution, you must keep your head shaved. Be carefully with being rough with your hair drying with a towel as you can easily pull out miniaturized hairs that are at the end of their lives.


I think that only a hair transplant or an unusual response to finasteride can get this result. I have never seen Regenix get this result. He does have the perfect hairline for mature male.

What’s everyones thought on this Matthew Mconaughey & Regenix from tressless



If it was not there before, then it is new growth. You must always compare before and after states of the area (best with good photographs) as you are looking at.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 7.51.13 AM


Today, I performed a HAIRCHECK test to see if there was any evidence of hair loss present in this 33 year old male. He went on finasteride 11 years ago and was convinced at that time that he had hair loss; however, the doctor who prescribed it did not really examine him and make an objective assessment of his ‘hair problem’. Since that time, he has worried about his hair loss. He knew that finasteride could contribute to a reduced risk of prostate cancer and since his father has prostate cancer, he is happy to stay on the medication today even if he is not balding.  He has no sexual side effects or any other side effects from the drug since the time he started it 11 years ago through today.

It is my firm belief for those of you who read this post, that before you start on the drug finateride, that you get a HAIRCHECK test to determine (1) if you are really balding, (2) if you are balding, to get a base line for your hair loss so that if you start on the drug finasteride or any other treatment for hair loss, you will have an objective way to determine if you are balding while on the treatment and (3) if you are getting worse or getter better with the treatment.  Knowing what is happening to you is very important from a Master Plan perspective because hair loss is progressive in 100% of men who have genetic balding.  The HAIRCHECK on this patient showed that his hair bulk in the front, top, crown and back of the head was equal by HAIRCHECK measurements.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 10.47.13 AMScreen Shot 2018-05-30 at 10.47.54 AM


Shock loss is very common in men under 30 who have a hair transplant and are not on the drug finasteride which can stop it most of the time

How common is shock loss with hair transplant from tressless


Heya doc, I was told to shoot you a message and get some advise. Thanks in advance :) I’ve had recession for the past few years, but honestly, it’s been very slow and hasn’t bothered me that much – I kind of like it how it is, even. The last 6-12 months have been very stressful, with the end of a relationship and losing my job. Recently, I’ve noticed the top/front of my head is looking quite thin, but still only noticeable in harsher light, or if I’m looking closely. I felt it’s getting worse and more noticeable though. I was told this might be diffuse thinning? I’m not really sure what this means. Is it the same as MPB? It’s not like this at the back/side. I can’t see any short/new hairs coming through. I suspect its just MPB but im not sure if stress could have exacerbated it. I also had a habit of scratching/scraping my scalp while stressed.

age 18:

age 24 hairline:

age 24, detailed close-ups:

I’ve ordered Finasteride and Minox. I should be starting them next week and going from there. My family history of baldness is alright. Most men have some balding at 40+, but no one has started balding at my age.  I’m open to a transplant in a few years if I think it would benefit me. I was curious if I could have additional hairs transplanted in places where I would likely continue to lose hair down the line in order to preemptively fill them in?

Young men often slowly develop thinning that will eventually lead to some balding pattern. What I do in my practice is perform a HAIRCHECK instrument test to determine the amount of bulk hair loss that your photos do not show. This gives me an objective measurement before I start treatment as shown in this man:


This solution has been utilized in mice for more than 20 years. Some human work has been done but as of late, we have not seen successful hair growth in humans from this approach.  Nevertheless, worth viewing if you don’t know much about stem cell research and hair growth


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