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The hair loss classification was created to discuss the END stage of hair loss. Many people will thin their hair as they get to their END stage. Of interest, the Class 7 pattern, the most advanced pattern, usually is present by the time a man reaches his late 20s because the genes for hair loss are very strong. Young men who have a Class 3 pattern of hair loss, when checked with the HAIRCHECK instrument, often show thinning elsewhere on their scalp that they can’t see and may not see for years because it can be a slow process.  A good doctor who sees a young man under 25 develops a MASTER PLAN for him that will follow the changes I just discussed above, offering transplants only after the man is 25 or 26 if it fits. Medications like finasteride as well as topical or oral minoxidil work to stop or reverse the hair loss, so a good relationship with a doctor who has built a Master Plan for you is essential to your future well-being. The use of the HAIRCHECK instrument has great value in reporting the degree to which your hair loss exists that may not be obvious to the naked eye.


This is highly unusual. I have seen a few cases where transplanted hair was lost on the second hair transplant, but it always came back within 6-8 months of the surgery.  Speak with your surgeon and have your donor area evaluated to make sure that the donor area remains normal and not miniaturized.


Your donor area will never regrow since the hair grafts removed by the FUE are gone forever from the donor area. From the pictures it looks like you were both over-harvested (too many FUE grafts taken per square inch) and the area harvested was too high (not all of the grafts are permanent grafts and may eventually fall out). Scalp Micropigmentation will solve the see-through look (see here:

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 9.18.18 AM



To answer the question of how many grafts it will take, I will have to know the thickness of your hair (fine, medium or coarse). The range therefore would be 2,700 for fine, 2,300 for medium, and possibly 2,000 for coarse hair. From the photo, it is evident that you are balding behind the line you drew, so extra grafts should be considered for this area depending on how far back it goes.

how many grafts 2


To determine the necessary number of grafts, I need a frontal picture with your hair pulled back and your eyebrows lifted high so that your forehead creases. This will show me the anatomic point that allows me to determine the proper position of the hair line.  The estimate will vary with the thickness of your hair. You will require more grafts if your hair is fine and fewer grafts for if your hair is coarse. If I had to guess where the hairline is, I would expect to do 2500+ grafts with fine hair and possibly 1600 grafts with coarse hair.

how many grafts would I need


Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth with Joe Tillman LIVE STREAM! from tressless


Scratching fresh grafts will pick them out. Scratching older grafts can cause infections to develop at the point where the scratch was done


It does appear that your donor area could be depleted. If your donor density wasn’t significantly above average, then it would not support the number of grafts you reported that you received.

bald patchess of donor


Having a hair transplant is not a solution if either the surgeon or the team or both do not have the skills to do the hair transplant properly. Your problem is not an uncommon problem. I would normally suggest that you return to your surgeon and ask him to make this ‘right’ with you, but with such a failure, I don’t believe that I would trust your surgeon and their team to do this again.  I would just ask for your money back.  You may have to accept some degree of balding as your donor area may have been depleted enough not to allow another FUE hair transplant. A strip surgery may yet be an option. See another doctor with experience, and find out what is left in your donor area as well as what, if anything, you can achieve with your remaining donor supply.  You can do Scalp Micropigmentation and look normal if you are willing to have a shaved look (see here:

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 8.29.21 AM

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 11.58.21 AM


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