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As a physician with over 30 years in the drug development and regulatory industry, I think the doctors and patients advising you may not truly understand the drug development process (and most really don’t, unfortunately). The FDAs Office of Generic Drugs (OGD) within the Center for Drug Evaluation in Research requires generic drugs to go through the same rigorous manufacturing process as non-generic drugs (and sometimes only bioequivalence studies showing similiar pharmacokinetic effects are allowed). Unfortunately, they have no control over drugs purchased online from foreign countries or bought in foreign countries (under the regulatory authority of those regions) – and the language of your blog writer above makes me wonder if this is the case (“Japanese generic”). Of course, a foreign company can also seek regulatory approval in the US, but I suspect this is not the case here.

What this writer is saying is important. You must know the source of your drugs if you do not buy them from a known, approved pharmacy.


You must be very young. I would guess you are in your early 20s and that is important because the shape of your hairline is a youthful shape as it is rounded.  I would need to see pictures of you with your eyebrows lifted high before rending an opinion on your hairline.

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I was born in 1965 with a bald spot on my upper left scalp. It has never changed. My mother checked about hair replacement when I was a child but because I had no hair follicles they could not help. I am now almost 53, and I have dealt with it. I never looked into it further though. Have I gotten teased? Absolutely as a child. I am blessed with thick hair. Long hair is a good thing for me. I part it to the right and usually pull some back to cover it, if it is not in a ponytail or braids. At times, I do envy those who can just leave their hair without a fuss or worry about the wind separating it or my bald spot showing or having trendy haircuts and styles. I wish there was an easy way to have what’s left of my life without it, however I keep hearing my mothers words saying “God made you special for a reason.” My final thought – embrace it, learn how to fix your hair to make you feel more comfortable, and if anyone is that critical, ignorant or shallow over something you had no control over, they are not worth your time of day people.

I am not on a campaign to fix every bald spot or help every balding man or woman on the face of the earth. I just help people who want to be helped. Being bald or having a bald spot is ok!


I have been taking Benadryl for years as needed for allergies. About five years ago, I started to notice that the top of my head was getting thin. I began to wear weaves because it had gotten to the point where I was almost bald at the top in an effort to cover it up. Now, it’s completely bald and I’m wearing a wig now. I’m trying to combat it by using the Keranique Hair growth system. We’ll see if it will help my hair grow back. Through researching, I realized my hair loss had to be because of Benadryl. Something should be done and we as consumers should be compensated. I’m going to speak to an attorney to see what my options are.

You should see an expert about your hair loss.  Maybe it is not due to the Benadryl but something else.  Focus on your problem first and think about lawyers later.


It might kill some hairs.  It is a risk worth taking. An eyebrow transplant can always put hair back into your eyebrows if you need to fix a problem that you don’t have now.


After 6 months of excruciating pain, I was prescribed gabapentin. I took this drug in January 2018 for nerve pain related to Herniated disc in C6 & C7. I took the drug for a month while waiting to get everything in order for disc replacement surgery. Then, the day of my last appointment before the surgery, I woke up pain free!!! No pain since. I could not believe how fortunate I was. Was it the drug? Did my body heal? I didn’t care as long as I was pain free. We postponed the surgery. If the pain returned, we would move forward. 2 months later, I still had no pain. Then, I noticed a little extra hair when I brush or wash my hair. It turned into hand fulls of hair! I had waist length, full bodied hair. So much that I fought to wrap a pony tail holder around my hair twice. It is June 2nd of 2018. I can now wrap a pony tail holder 6 times. Yes, 6 and it’s loose!!!! I touch my hair. I pull back loose strains. From May to June, I have lost an estimated 75% of my hair. If I had known this was a side-effect, I never would have taken this pill. There are other options. I have started taking folic acid in hopes it will trigger the hair follicles to begin regrowing.

I am assuming that you are a female.  You need to meet with a doctor who specializes in hair loss. The figure 75% of your hair lost is more than I have ever heard. Without seeing you, I can’t give you an opinion.


I’m a 47 year old female. About 7 months ago, I noticed a thin spot on right side of my hairline, then a few months later, the left seemed thinner. It’s my underneath area, temple up to the sides of my widows peak. It seemed to be rapid because last summer I had full hair there. I’m so upset. I don’t know if it’s from my father or hormones. I have no prior hair loss. I don’t know when it will stop or if I need minoxidil. I’m taking stinging nettle and pumpkin seed oil. My thyroid seems ok but I have not checked my iron levels but because it resembles a bit of a male pattern. I wonder if it’s too much DHT. Please help.

Women are complex when it comes to hair loss as there are many causes that require an expert to evaluate. It takes many blood tests and a good examination by someone like me.  As women get close to menopause, hair loss problems increase as estrogen levels in your body drop. Estrogen is the protector for good hair, so when menopause occurs, some women experience genetic hair loss. See an expert.


Hi, I’m Chloe. I’m also 15 and I have the same thing! Everyone is commenting the same stuff but where are the answers? My hair was SUPER thick and SUPER long for ages, I’m in year 10, and since around year 8, my hair has been falling out A LOT and I don’t know why!! I have curly hair and I wash my hair only once a week. I straighten my hair after washing only once a week (I use a heat protectant spray and I let my hair air dry completely before straightening). I’ve been doing this for about 3 years but only recently has my hair been falling out so much! People have told me to not brush my hair after straightening and in the morning before school to keep the straight hair longer. This does work obviously because it lasts a week before I have to straighten it (so do this if u want to straighten less). I tie my hair into a pony tail every morning, so this could be it, but I’ve done that my whole life? I guess I don’t have the best diet because I’ve read in a lot of places that healthy diets are good for your hair. Since no one is really replying to other peoples comments with answers, I thought I’d add some things that I know.

1. Losing about 80-100 strands of hair A DAY is normal. If you don’t brush or wash say every 3 days, then think about the 3 days worth of strands that are supposed to drop and fall out; so all at once will seem daunting and really bad.
2. IT’S NOT CANCER. There may be some forms of diseases like alopecia that make you lose your hair, BUT people lose hair from cancer due to the TREATMENT of cancer, which is chemotherapy and not the cancer itself.
3. It could be hereditary — so ask your parents if they’ve ever had this or their parents. This is harder to treat because its in your genes so you can’t avoid it.
4. Have a healthier diet and eat MORE fruit and vegetables and milk. If you’re already eating enough, drink more water (I know you’ve probably heard this everywhere).
5. This is could be a result of you’re mental issues (ie – depression, anxiety, stress, lack of sleep or whatever), so I guess there is no simple answer for those causes. Try to de-stress and sleep more. (Also if you take antidepressant pills or anything those also have side affects of hair loss)
6. Try and buy some good hair vitamins or iron vitamins or any vitamins you might be lacking (Check with your doctor). These will actually help but you will only notice results 6-8 weeks after. You have to give it some time and be consistent. (Combine this with a healthy diet and it’ll be even better).
7. Hair styling -Try to cut down to no more than once a week straightening or styling with heat. USE A HEAT PROTECTANT SPRAY; it will help more and try to air dry your hair. Trust me, it’s way better. Try to find alternatives such as wearing your hair naturally without straightening it.
8. Try and do less tight hair do’s such as REALLY high and tight pony tails or braids or a bun everyday. Try to keep it in one loose braid. Also, when taking out hair ties, hold ur head so that it pulls less which might make it easier.
9. USING REALLY HOT WATER IN THE SHOWER IS LIKE A HEAT PRODUCT. Try to use cold or lukewarm water, because it makes your head really hot. Therefore, when you run your hands through your hair in the shower, more will fall out. Also, brush your hair before you wash it (like right before entering) as it makes it easier for your hands to glide through when it is wet or when you are using conditioner as it makes it easier. Don’t be rough with you hair because it is vulnerable and soft at this point.
10. Sort of connects with number 9, but don’t rub your hair a lot in the shower or when you’re towel drying it because that makes it frizzy, more damaged and easy to break.
11. DONT WASH YOUR HAIR EVERY DAY —THIS IS BAD. Washing it every 2 days is okay but it is best to do so every 3-5 days. Hair loss is occurs most often in the shower, so more showers means more loss. When you brush your hair, don’t brush it for too long or too hard, instead take little bunches and brush through the fix knots along way rather. Don’t brush youur hair too often either, give it time to be still and not disrupted.

Sorry it was really long but I hope all of us get our hair back!!


I have been on topamax for 20 years and now wear wigs. I am completely heart broken. I had lovely hair. I was put on Topamax for a off label use for mood disorder when I could of been put on so many other different medications. It is so very sad. I am 47 and I have to wear wigs to look pretty. I stopped taking this medication (cold turkey) six months ago with no problem at all and have noticed no change so far.

I had a man a while back who did Scalp Micropigmentation after he took off his hair piece which he wore for 25 years. He went to the office and everyone commented that he should have shaved his head years ago because he looked good showing off all of that “nice hair”.  (It was really the Scalp Micropigmentation as he had a Class 7 balding pattern but looked like a man with a fully shaved head of hair.) See here:


Comment by William Rassman, M.D.:  I have been prescribing this drug for years. The problems that is discussed below have generally not been seen in most of my patients. Any drug, ANY DRUG, runs some risks when it impacts your body function like hormones, mood, etc…  When you take any pill, you must recognize that this is a man made item and although the FDA may clear it for safety and effectiveness, there is no guarantee that you will not develop some unusual problem like the many discussed below by this very knowledgeable person. I felt that this comment was important to make. You should know that I am now taking finasteride and my son has been on it for 15 years and neither of us have seen any problems with this drug in our system.

The fact that this poison is still being regularly prescribed undermines the legitimacy and perceived objectivity of the American medical system and the pharmaceutical industry. There have been plenty of publications that have come out over the decade that have shown 5-alpha reductase inhibitors to be dangerous, even to those who appear to respond well to them, which I’ll link at the end of this comment. I am glad that the FDA was objective enough to deny the approval of these drugs as chemo-preventative therapies – who knows how many lives would’ve been destroyed if they’d been approved for that – and that they decided to finally label the drugs with serious warnings, but it’s not enough.

The risk of full-blown Post Finasteride Syndrome, while apparently low, is not something to dismiss. Additionally, the odds of developing side effects increases with time. These drugs have been shown to chronically lower neurosteroid levels, the most significant of which being allopregnanalone, which is responsible for anxiolytic, anti-depressant, pro-sexual, and other important effects. And as it turns out, DHT isn’t useless after puberty like many people seem to claim. There is no way to screen for who is at risk for post-5ARI syndrome and who isn’t. Even if the odds are low, you’re playing with fire. And many men who don’t develop the condition will still eventually have milder side effects, like a loss of morning erections, weaker erections, lower libido, increased anxiety or depression, etc. all to save a few thousand hair follicles. How do physicians justify this? It’s one thing to prescribe it for a hyperplastic prostate (and even that’s questionable), it’s quite another to prescribe it for vanity. Any physician that considers prescribing this drug for hair loss, as far as I’m concerned, should never be allowed practice medicine again, and should be sued for malpractice and negligence. Clearly they’ve never considered “first do no harm”.

Many physicians’ ignorance of what they’re prescribing is astounding, and the denial of a very real condition when it happens is, at the very least, cruel and pathetic. This sort of science-denial is akin to climate change “skeptics” or evolution deniers. I don’t think I need to explain why this is a terrifying trait to see in a licensed physician. The science is in and has been for years now.

There is a risk with any medication and Propecia (finasteride) is no exception.  It is hard to surround the statistics on the permanent negative side effects reported here by this reader. Some say that the negative sexual side effects that are permanent are as frequent at 7,000 out of the millions of men taking the drug.  That is a small number, but if you are one of them, it is 100% for you.  Every medication has risks and I always inform my patients of these risks and never push any medication on them. Those men with great results from taking the drug will argue with this author, but everyone is empowered to make their own decisions once they know the facts.

Not every complaint about permanent sexual side effects are real. One of my patients took finasteride and reported impotence in 2 hours, before the drug peaked. Although I told him to stop the drug immediately, he refused and said he preferred impotence to hair loss. His call! Not what I would recommend.


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