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If you had no impact from stopping Minoxidil, it means that the drug had no effect on your hair because Minoxidil developed hair growth usually causes hair loss (of those hairs that regrew) when you stop the drug.


Raloxifen is an estrogen compound that can help feminize women when they lose their ovarian function. It may also help women, who are post-menopausal, grow or stop hair loss. Taking this medication for a male is an extreme thing to do. Not good!

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I did an FUT in 2010. I was told by a respectable clinic in Turkey that I can do a second FUT, where the old scar will be cut and the surgeon will perform an incision on top of scar and remove it. So, instead of old scar, I will have a newer thinner one. How is this possible? I’m aware I can do an FUE on top of the scar. Unfortunately with FUE, I’d have to shave my head, which would make the old scar visible. My long term plan is to do an FUE on top of scar but not now.

A second surgery almost always increases the size of the scar, if it is another strip surgery. Sometimes, I remove the scar and create a trichophytic closure which helps hair to grow through the scar. However, I reserve this for the last surgery I do when I perform a strip surgery. Strip surgery scars can easily be treated with scalp micropigmentation (See here:



We must be able to laugh, even if you are balding.

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I have been using Minoxidil for around 2 years, and I started taking Finasteride 9 months ago but my hair fall is somewhat the same.  My hairs are shedding when I dry my hair with towel or rub it between my hands. Does stress increases hair fall? How do I resolve this problem?

Genetic hair loss does not always respond to the treatments that doctors have for you today. Sometimes it resists all forms of treatment, and if you should happen to bald as a result of this, hair transplants are a good solution.
An alternative, if you don’t want surgery,  is Scalp Micropigmentation ( For this last solution, you must keep your head shaved. Be careful with being rough while your hair drying with a towel as you can easily pull out miniaturized hairs that are at the end of their lives.


I think that only a hair transplant or an unusual response to Finasteride can have this result. I have never seen Regenix produce these results. He does have the perfect hairline for a mature male.

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If it was not there before, then it is new growth. You must always compare before and after states of the area (best with good photographs) as you are looking at.

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Today, I performed a HAIRCHECK test to see if there was any evidence of hair loss present in this 33 year old male. He went on Finasteride 11 years ago and was convinced at that time that he had hair loss. However, the doctor who prescribed it did not really examine him and make an objective assessment of his “hair problem.” Since then, he has been worried about his hair loss. He knew that Finasteride could contribute to a reduced risk of prostate cancer, and since his father has prostate cancer, he is happy to stay on the medication today, even if he is not balding. He has no sexual side effects or any other side effects from the drug since the time he started it, 11 years ago.

It is my firm belief for those of you who read this post, before you start the drug Finateride, to get a HAIRCHECK test. It will help determine:

  • If you are really balding
  • If you are balding, get a baseline for your hair loss, so if you start on the drug Finasteride or any other treatment for hair loss, you will have an objective way to determine if you are balding while on the treatment, and
  • If you are getting worse or getter better with the treatment.

Knowing what is happening to you is very important from a Master Plan perspective because hair loss is progressive in 100% of men who have genetic balding. The HAIRCHECK on this patient showed that his hair bulk in the front, top, crown and back of the head was equal by HAIRCHECK measurements.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 10.47.13 AMScreen Shot 2018-05-30 at 10.47.54 AM


Shock loss is very common in men under 30 who have had a hair transplant and are not on the drug Finasteride. Most of the time, Finasteride can help the stop the shock loss from occurring.

How common is shock loss with hair transplant from tressless


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