This is a young doctor who had a bad hair transplant in his 20’s and since then he has been forced to wear a wig / hair system which he was not happy with. He was worried about his professional image with patients and staff as the large scars on the back of his head showed if he cut his hair too short. His solution was Scalp Micropigmentation, to cover the scar and correct his hair line and side temple areas. After he had it done, he commented that his medical staff and his patients all love his new look. His scar may be noticeable in certain light and angles but it is not an eyesore as it use to be. He now will have the option to grow out his hair, if he wishes, using the SMP as a backdrop to make his hair transplant work look fuller.

NHI_SMP_to scar

New Hair Institute SMP Scar Concealment

NHI_SMP_side temples

New Hair Institute SMP Side Temples

NHI_SMP_bold hair line

New Hair Institute SMP Bold Shaved Look