I am a 38 year old mail in good health and good physical condition, however like most men my hair has begun to thin. I saw the infomercial for “ScalpMed” and it looked promising, so I thought…what the heck, i’ll give it a try. Now, my question is this, it appears that I shed more hairs in the morning when I wash my hair (using a a ph balanced DHT reducing shampoo) after using this product. Can minoxidil cause one to shed more hair since I know this product contains this? If I don’t use scalpmed at night, the next morning when I wash my hair I have fewer hairs in the tub– about 14 without Scalpmed, and 20-40 with Scalpmed).

I also would like to make a comment to the medical industry. If one wants to try and find a cure for baldness, maybe they should research the italians or greek bloodline and see why the majority of those men have their hair way into their 40’s, 50’s, if not later years. Maybe they should research those genetics???

Thanks for your time and insight.

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It is normal for one to lose 100 to 150 hairs a day. It is also normal for one to be concerned about hair loss and be proactive as you to try with products such as “ScalpMed”. Unfortunately there is no way to tell if these products actually work. That is why most are not sold as medications or FDA approved products. If ScalpMed is causing you to lose hair, I can not comment on it for there is no real information on the issues of safety or effectiveness.

Minoxidil has been studied as a topical treatment and shows good promise of hair growth in some individuals. To date, there are only two medically proven ways to treat male pattern baldness where it is not really ‘hit or miss’.

  1. Hair transplant, which works 99.9% of the time
  2. Propecia drug regimen (which may or may not work for you but it met strict FDA requirements) is more reliable, the earlier the hair loss is seen. In men under 30 with thinning and not recession, the reversal in my experience is significant. Reversal of a receding hairline, however, is highly unusual (even in the young man). The key to this drug is to start on it early if you have genetic balding and get to the hair while it is miniaturizing and before it falls out.

To more specifically answer your question, counting 14 vs 20 hairs lost per day seems insignificant (at least from a medical perspective). As stated, we normally lose on the average 100 to 150 hairs a day. ScalpMed may be contributing to the extra 6 hairs that you are losing, but there is no way to really tell.

Finally, the hair loss gene spans all races and cultures. The study of Italians and Greeks has already been done and there it still almost 50% of men in these ethnic patterns that have hair loss.