I am a cosmetologist and have been so for over 25 years. I’ve been doing extensive research on hairloss for several years. Recently I’ve been experiencing hair loss myself. I have rosacea, the kind that results in acne like bumps. It creeps into my scalp also. After finding out that I have an inflammatory condition found in my lungs, it’s all starting to make sense. My pulmonologist is drawing lines connecting inflammation in my skin and scalp to this. Many people who have acne or other inflammatory conditions also experience hair loss. This is believed to stem from inflammation brought in by either infection, autoimmune disease or allergic response. I have rosacea and hair loss. I’ve not taken any oral antibiotic for this, although it has been prescribed (minocyline) . This drug is used to treat inflammation, not so much as an antibiotic. I’ve used metrocream on my face with no great results. My dermatologist switched me to soolantra and it is working wonders on my breakouts and redness. She says this cream works to fight against the allergic response to skin mites. It is so interesting that the inflammation is due to an allergy. It’s probably also in my scalp too. If you have an inflammatory skin condition, you most likely also have the same in your scalp. Because of the cycle of the hair growth and shedding, you might be experiencing hair loss a while after the inflammation began at least 6 months or so. I’m curious how many of you have experienced other inflammatory problems like IBD, joint pain, high blood pressure.

Stress from inflammatory disease can be a cause of hair loss. It sounds like you solved the problem. Your story is a good one so thanks for posting it!