Can clients with a low donor density get a hair transplants above 70% of their donor density? I for example got my first transplant and my donor density was only at 60 grafts per cm. Therefore the doctor transplanted 30 grafts per cm. For my second procedure, instead of focusing on the crown I want to increase the areas of where hair transplants has been already transplanted. So I want 45 grafts per square centimeter. Would I able able to add 15 cm per grafts in the same area or would that cause a failure ?

My crown is already bald, but I don’t care about that getting that area fixed. I just want more density.

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You can add more density if the donor supply is there. People with low donor density can not cover large balding areas, as they just don’t have enough hair. I always warn patients not to be overambitious when it comes to filling in a bald area.

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