Note: As aging starts, at any age in boys or girls above 5 years of age, as the hairline rises in the maturing process, it may leave behind a midline, pointed tuft of hair which is what we call the widow’s peak. If you draw a line from the tip of the widow’s peak across the upper forehead, you will see where these men or women’s child hairline was as its point always lies on the highest crease of the furrowed brow as ween in the first of our male examples. (see previous post:

Former Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan presents with a strong widow’s peak. This photos fortunately shows him wrinkling his brow. When he was pre-pubertal, his hair line actually was abutting this crease.

A young Andy Garcia with a strong widow’s peak
Actor Andy Garcia with a thinning window’s peak

Young man with widow’s peak


Young man with fading widow’s peak leaving only a small remnant of it.
Young man with subtle widow’s peak

This widow’s peak has a lick (where the hairs do not point straight)