I have seen a number of clinics that claim that they invented the term Scalp Micropigmentation. Who is the true inventor of the name.

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Alvaro Traquina, M.D. used the term “micropigmentation of the scalp” in an article published in the Dermatologic Surgery medical publication back in 2001 (see Micropigmentation as an Adjuvant in Cosmetic Surgery of the Scalp). His title, text, and pictures clearly define the use of the pigment as a concealer.

We started using the term Scalp MicroPigmentation in 2010 and started referring to it as “SMP” and purchased the Internet domain names since the terminology was not being used. Since then the term “SMP” and “Scalp MicroPigmentation” caught on all over the world. We did apply for the SMP trademark and the (R) symbol with the U.S. Patent office but were denied trademarking a common terminology abbreviation. Thus no one can claim TM or (R) symbols.

For those who claim that they invented the SMP term or place the TM or (R) symbol, you know that they have poor moral character.

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