I underwent a MRI of my head about 2 months ago. It lasted 50 minutes and included with and without contrast. It was to confirm the swelling in my eye was thyroid eye disease and not something else. Since this condition started 15 years ago, I was confident if it was anything to be alarmed about I would have known a long time ago. I was not informed about possible hair loss and didn’t know of any real concern with having the MRI, along with being a registered nurse and not wanting to seem non compliant. I went along with having the MRI . Within a couple of weeks of the MRI I started to loose LARGE amounts of hair! This continued for a month! Now I am back to losing the normal amount of hair daily, but I now have a third of the hair I had before the MRI. If I had been informed about the possibility of extreme hair loss ; in my case I would have had the luxury of NOT having the MRI and risking so much hair loss!!!!

The stress that you may have gone through could accelerate hair loss. When the stress abated, everything went back to normal. I don’t believe that the MRI was responsible for your hair loss.