I am 18 years old and by looking at my family history, I’ll start losing my hair between 20-22.

I have decided not to take propecia (I know the percentage of side effects is rather small, but I dont wanna risk any sexual side effects, and definitely not any brain fogs, as my brain is my main asset). I’ve contacted and visited a guy here in London, who’s wearing a hair system, and its actually not visible, even if you put your eyes like 2cm from the hairline. And you wear it 24/7, usually for a week.

Now, I would imagine wearing a hair system till like 30, so till in 12 years, and then go for an intelligent combination of treatments (hair cloning -replicel,aderans etc + body hair transplantation + several GHO sessions) to turn my NW6 to NW2.

THE QUESTION i’m asking is if like 6-7 years of wearing wigs, which include like putting glue on your scalp and cleaning it off with alcohol and putting it back on weekly, will damage my scalp skin and thus make a hair transplantation difficult.

Thanks. Please answer. Bye

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You are getting way ahead of yourself here. You need to first get a diagnosis from a physician and then discuss your options in a Master Plan for treatment. If you are scared to take a medication due to potential side effects, that is up to you and your doctors to decide.

Finally, wearing hair systems long term can cause scalp irritation, scarring, and localized hair loss from traction alopecia. Many wig wearers have balding areas at points of attachment. Not to mention the expense of maintaining the hairpiece, which is something many people don’t consider.

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