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Hair styling has been around for thousands of year and hair styling to hide genetic balding has been a common finding for as long as men have been around, because balding is part of men’s genetic makeup.

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Everyone is aware of the comb-over

Men just don’t wake up one day and find that they are bald. What happens is that their hair loss is a slow, insidious process that slowly appears over time. The Prince of Wales shows this well.
To adjust to his balding, the prince began styling his hair differently, combing it to the sides, moving his ‘part’ down closer to his ear. If his balding continued and he continued to move his part down, the end result might look like this celebrity is the result of years of slow balding and compensatory changes in a man’s styling. The early comb-ver works well, as everyone who uses it, knowingly or not, it just works.
Coloring also has a great deal to do with the appearance of balding. For a man with blonde hair, he could lose 80% of his hair before he knew he was balding, but for a person with black, fine hair, far less than 50% hair loss would produce a balding appearance. Because of this, men have frequently altered their hair color knowing full well, that white, gray, blond and light brown hair is better than black hair when their skin is white. People with darker skin tones show less contrast between their skin and hair color and this has the advantage of not highlighting early balding.
The men in these photos show a subtle difference in their hair transplant results. Less transplanted hair is needed when the hair color and the skin color more closely match. For this reason, it is not unusual for men to color their hair