To determine if you are a good candidate for hair restoration, you need to know the following and put it all together (1) donor density, (2) degree of balding (you are advanced), (3) the thickness of your hair shafts (fine, medium or coarse, (4) the color of your hair compared to your skin (you have a high contrast between your brown hair and light skin which is not great) and (5) the degree of waviness of your hair (the more wavy, the better. If your donor density is low, the you might not have enough hair to cover the entire balding area and if you should continue to bald further, you may run out of donor hair before finishing. All of the hair in the center of your head is probably miniaturized and will sooner or later fall out. At 35, your hair loss should be slower. With all of this put together, your doctor can build a Master Plan for your hair restoration to account for not only the central hair that will almost certainly be lost, but the sides which may work their way down further than they are now.

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