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Patterned Hair Loss

Unlike men, only about 20% of women develop a pattern of hair loss which can be seen in the figures defined by Dr. Ludwig HERE:

Women with this type of hair loss pattern may be candidates for hair transplants if the hair behind the head is not miniaturized. but this pattern differs from the classic male patterns shown in the Norwood Scale for men’s hair loss. There are two types of patterns seen in women. One pattern is similar to the ‘A’ variants where the male loses only frontal hair which can progress to the swirl. This frontal pattern shows more hair loss in the front similar to what we observe in men. In other words, they have thinning in front progressively to the top/back of of their scalp with little hair loss in the permanent zone around the sides and in the back.

The second type of patterned female hair loss reflects thinning behind the first ½ inch of the frontal hairline and may extend to the vertex (swirl area) and this thinning can be graded or uniform. This second type is more common than the first type. Thus, the balding process occurs in a characteristic “pattern” rather than generalized thinning throughout the scalp. Depending upon the degree of hair loss and its distribution, women with patterned hair loss may be excellent candidates for surgical restoration provided that the donor hair (the hair around the sides and back of the head) remains normal without significant miniaturization.

There is also a diffuse hair loss that is unpatterned. This hair loss is the most common of the female hair loss experience with miniaturization in the sides and the back of the head as well as miniaturization in the front, top and crown. This is a common inherited pattern we see in the female family lines of some of our patients who present with diffuse thinning and tell us that their mother, sister, aunt, and/or grandmother has a similar hair loss pattern.  This pattern can express itself in young women in their early 20s, but is most often seen in women following menopause.  It is believe that half of all women, post menopause, have a diffuse hair loss problem. This condition should not be treated with hair transplantation because the ‘donor’ hair is miniaturized and much of this hair, when moved, just does not survive the surgery.

Female Hairline Lowering

Hairline lowering surgery or forehead reduction surgery is best suited for women who have always had a high hairline and are NOT actively losing hair. Women who want their hairlines lowered and have have corner hair loss, are also better to have a hair transplant lowering procedure than a surgical hairline lowering procedure because of the need to address receded corners, something not addressed by a surgical hairline lowering procedure.

Healing:  After a hair transplant hairline lowering procedure, recovery is fast and the area, which might appear pink initially after the surgery, will fade to your normal color, usually in a few days.  Some frontal swelling might appear from any frontal hairline surgery, but this usually disappears by the 5th day. Showing and washing the hair is recommended the very first day after surgery to minimize any crusting on the hairline transplanted area. We like to offer to wash the hair the day after surgery for our patients, a service that is always appreciated.

Female forehead and temple can subtly enhance and restore the look of youth and impart a feminine “frame” to the face. High foreheads can be lowered with a hair transplant procedure, as well as a hairline lowering procedure. The side temples and corner recessions are best achieved with a hair transplant procedure. In some cases both hair transplant and hairline lowering procedures can be combined for the desired outcome.

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Financing and Travel Credit Available

FUE is an affordable, effective, and permanent solution that will restore your confidence and get you back in the game. Let the precision of the Artas Robot craft your hairline to perfection. Take advantage of our limited time offer and schedule your free consultation at Los Angeles’ New Hair Institute today.

FUE Transplant Pricing Estimates
Hairline Lowering1000-1500 grafts$124 — $199 Monthly
†Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. See provider for details. All figures are estimates. Actual monthly payments will vary from lender to lender based upon the amount financed, the terms for which you apply, and your credit standing. Additional terms and conditions may apply depending on the lender selected. All information subject to change without notice.

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"Amazing doctor and person; made this sensitive topic of hair loss such a positive experience. I felt so safe and loved his work, I am very happy with results and can confidently write that you will be good hands with Dr. Rassman and his team."

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"Excellent bedside manner and total understanding of my needs. always acted in my best interest."

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"Dr. Pak is the BEST doctor in the biz. He takes his time explaining all my questions, doesnt rush me out like alot of doctors do, and actually cares about my well-being."

— Caroline P.

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