Cost of FUT, FUE, SMP

See pricing for our hair transplant and SMP procedures.

“The best investment you can make is in yourself.” — Warren Buffet.
A life-changing transformation to your hairline and face is priceless. There are no shortcuts to achieving the best results.

Our Fees

We understand that you can compare prices and that cost is a factor. However, we often see patients that consult and schedule corrective surgery with us because they chose a less qualified doctor for their first surgery. If you want to be confident that your surgery will be done right the first time, meet with an NHI Medical doctor who can artistically transform your look.

There are no salespeople or “special consultants”. All consultations are with an NHI Medical doctor, and no commitment is required to schedule a consultation.

FUE Hair Transplant, Hairline Lowering Forehead Reduction, and Scalp MicroPigmentation SMP Pricing

The cost of looking your best is priceless. Sure, you can price shop as we understand cost is always a factor, but can you really put a value to quality, life-changing work to your own face? Meet with a doctor who can artistically transform your face. There are no salesmen or “special consultants”. The consultation requires no commitment.

  • FUT / FUSS
  • $6
  • $3/graft
    above 2500 grafts; single procedure
  • FUE
  • $8
  • $10/graft
    without shaving natural hair

  • SMP
  • $4,000
    one area
  • $6,000
    for two areas


NHI Medical can make financing your procedure easy and affordable with Financing plans offering 0% interest rates for the first 6 months are available. Financing plans are available for 6, 24, 36 and 48 months.

Special Discount

By attending a free Open House, you can further reduce the cost of a procedure. All Open House attendees will receive a $300 discount off any procedure $3500 or more. *Cannot combine with any other offer.


If you live more than 150 miles from the NHI Medical office where your surgery is performed, you are eligible to participate in our VIP Travel Discount Program. We will reimburse you for up to 5% of your net procedure cost for reasonable transportation expenses incurred while traveling to one of our facilities for your procedure. This program is based on a minimum procedure fee of $3,500.00.


A $1,000 deposit is required to reserve your procedure date.

This deposit is refundable if the request is made at least 10 days prior to your scheduled procedure date. Your balance is due at least 24 hours prior to your procedure date. There is a $3,500 minimum fee per procedure. If a patient is not able to receive the planned number of grafts, only the grafts actually received will be charged (over the $3,500 minimum). A $150 non-refundable facility fee applies to all procedures.

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