Beard Transplant

The procedure to create thicker, denser facial hair without patchiness.

Say goodbye to patchy beards

Facial hair is a genetic trait that we have no control over. Some men cannot grow facial hair, sideburns and others can’t connect their goatee or have patchy beards. There are no medications, creams, or ointments that grow facial hair. That is why the only true option is getting a facial hair transplant!

“Overall, this was a relatively painless procedure which promises to yield some fantastic results down the road. The folks at NHI Medical really know what they’re doing on this one. As everyday goes by and I clean the transplant area, I am more and more excited as to how it will look in four or six months from now. I’ll finally be able to once again grow a full beard. ”

-Actual NHI Medical Patient

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Beard Transplant fills in patchy beard for NHI Medical Patient

New Hair, New You!

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SMP Transplant Results

“Dr. Pak sets the standard for the latest procedures in hair transplant innovation. I pretty much traveled the world looking for the best and I found him. His staff and the process felt like a Beverly Hills spa. I admire and am thankful for his remarkable attention to detail.”

-Actual NHI Medical Patient, Realself Review

Beard Transplant

Our doctors are pioneers in the method of FUE and FUT hair restoration.

  • Two Surgical Options For Beard Transplants

  • Consulting With An NHI Medical Doctor Will Help You Determine The Right Option

  • The Procedure Ensures A Fast Recovery And Permanent Results

Change your life with new hair and a new look!

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Why NHI Medical?

NHI Doctors are innovators and inventors that combine artistry and the latest technology to produce the best results.

  • World-Renowned Surgeons in Hairline Restoration

  • Compassionate Care at a Reasonable Price

  • Natural Looking Results

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