FUE Hair Restoration

A life-changing transformation to your hairline and face is priceless. Restore your hairline and regain your confidence.

You Can Look Your Best

See how Frederic Marq, Hotel Developer/Designer and cast member of the Real Housewives of Miami, underwent FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) Surgery at NHI Medical to restore his hairline and regain his confidence.

“What was amazing about NHI was the consultation was with a doctor. It was not a sales rep, it was not someone trying to sell me something. It was someone passionate about hair restoration.”

-Frederic Marq, NHI Medical Patient

FUE Hair Transplant Transformation by Dr Jae Pak

New Hair, New You!

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“I had FUE surgery completed on my hairline. The results were beyond my expectations. All my concerns were addressed by Dr Pak, which made me feel at ease. The NHI staff are awesome.”

-Actual NHI Medical Patient

Follicular Unit Excision

Our surgeons are pioneers in the methods of FUE and FUT hair restoration and the harvesting of individual hair follicles.

  • You can wear your hair long or short

  • Individual hair follicles are harvested so there is no linear scar

  • The procedure ensures a fast recovery and permanent results

See The Results of FUE

Change your life with new hair and a new look!

Why NHI Medical?

NHI Doctors are innovators and inventors that combine artistry and the latest technology to produce the best results.

  • Top Surgeons in Hair Restoration and FUE

  • Compassionate Care at a Reasonable Price

  • Real and Natural Looking Results

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