Phone Consultation Instructions

  1. Take photos from all angles (10 total) included in the example diagram below.
  2. Use a hair band to pull all of your hair back for a clean view of your hairline. If you do not own a hairband, you may you use your hand.
  3. It is important to also include photos with your eyebrows raised like the ones shown in the examples below. This helps the doctor determine anatomical landmarks to determine where the hairline belongs.
  4. If you have long hair, take a photo splitting your hair down the middle.

Front View Photos

Front View

Front View with Eyebrows Raised

top Down View Photos

Top Down View

Top Down with Hairband

Back of Head Photos

Back of Head Centered

Back of Head Lean Head Upwards

Left Side View Photos

Left Side View

Left Side View with Eyebrows Raised

Right Side View Photos

Right Side View

Right Side View with Eyebrows Raised

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